Lifts can be a funny thing. They can either be super-fast at getting you from the ground floor to the top, or can be ridiculously slow that you wish you just took the 10 flights of stairs; it would have been quicker and less painful. We weren’t shocked when we heard that over in China, they were to complete a lift installation of two of the fastest moving lifts on the planet.

The Shanghai Tower is probably one of the most famous buildings in the World and with all the latest, state of the art technology that they have in China, it’s no great surprise that they were to install two of the fastest lifts into the building. These lifts are expected to travel 10 meters every second and passengers will be able to travel from the ground floor to the top floor in 1 minute. It’s going to feel like one of the rides at Thorpe Park isn’t it and we bet it feels a lot faster coming back down! You’ll have no excuse being late for work if you’re on the top floor of the 632 meter skyscraper and there probably wouldn’t be much point starting of a conversation in these lifts either, unless you fancied the other person of course, and fancied a bit of speed dating!

Elevators Ltd are one of London’s leading lift companies and although we can’t promise to install an extremely fast lift that will take you up 100 floors in less than a minute, we do have the latest technology, and state of the art equipment that our lift engineers in London use; so we can install a speedy and reliable lift into your building. We have a team of fully qualified professionals who have expert knowledge within the lift industry and Elevators Ltd offer a range of lift services in London including, lift maintenance, lift installation and lift modernisation.

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