Elevators can perhaps be seen as man-made cages built to take passengers up and down several stories in buildings. In fact, it is likely that the average person will only use a simple modern elevator- however, unknown to many, there are many different kinds of luxurious lifts around the world which offer a far more deluxe way to travel within the tallest buildings only the mind could think up. Here are the 3 most luxury elevators in the world…

Bailong Elevator, China, $19 million

Being the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world, characteristics include its ability to carry 50 people at once as well as being the fastest sightseeing elevator in the world, taking less than 2 minutes to reach the top, which stands at over 1000 feet!

The AquaDom Elevator, Germany, $17.4 million

Located at the Radisson Hotel, the AquaDom is one of the most impressive and expensive elevators built. It is an 82 foot tall cylinder aquarium. Filled with 264,000 gallons of water, it is called home to many species of fish which are admired by users taking the elevator.

Santa Justa Lift, Portugal, $15 million

Located in Lisbon, this lift is a tourist attraction which people travel around the world to see. In fact, it is the only remaining vertical elevator in Lisbon and was built sometime between 1900 and 1902, beginning its life propelled by a steam engine. It is not the tallest nor is it the fastest- however, with its gothic style cast iron décor, the price tag is definitely a big one!

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