The residential elevator is one of the most un explored additions to the home. After all, the idea of having an elevator inside your property can be a difficult one to accept. Luckily most residential elevators can be built into the design and décor of a home which means that they wont take up too much space or become an eyesore. Here is everything you need to know about residential elevators…

What are they?

Many people often confuse residential elevators with stair lifts as both can be quite helpful for the elderly. With this said, both are extremely different from one another. A residential elevator operates and looks just like a regular elevator that you would find in an office, shopping centre or apartment however the size and characteristics are made to suit a residential and home setting. In fact, most residential elevators are relatively small and can carry a maximum of 100lb. Of course, this may sound like a lot but for people operating a wheelchair, a lot of weight can be used quite quickly.


The main thing that residential elevators can offer is freedom and independence for those who are otherwise denied it. After all, using the stairs becomes difficult as you get older and can be virtually impossible for disabled members of society, particularly those using a wheelchair. Plus, there is nothing better than being able to get around your own home without assistance.


Of course, freedom comes with a price in the 21st century and residential elevators can be a rather pricy commitment. Luckily many people see them as an investment for the future as the upfront cost provides a high quality and reliable elevator that will pay itself off over many years of service.

Here at Elevators Ltd we understand how difficult it can be for some people to get around their own home, especially when that home has stairs to tackle every day. After all, there are only so many bungalows to go around! Residential elevators on the other hand could change the lives of so many people, including the elderly and disabled, by allowing the opportunity to live independently. To find out more information, get in contact with the best lift company around today!