Whilst it may seem like an idiotic charade to take part in, the act of ‘elevator surfing’ has become quite common amongst the youths of today’s society. With this said, the trend is an incredibly dangerous one that cannot only put the lives of the ‘surfer’ in danger but also the lives of the passengers inside the elevator at risk. Here is everything you need to know on the topic…

What Is It

Elevator surfing, the act as riding on the very top of elevator, is a popular yet dangerous activity carried out by lawbreakers. It is also known as ‘lift surfing’ and ‘elevaroping’ and sometimes even includes the act of jumping between multiple moving elevator cabs. Many youths gain access to an elevator shaft by forcing the maintenance hatch open and climbing through. Their fun is often short lived however as many elevators are now equipped with CCTV camera and are able to capture the behaviour for prosecution.

The Dangers

As one may assume, there are many dangers associated with trying to remain balanced on the very top of an elevator cab. After all, an elevator shaft is not built to house humans when the elevator is moving. In fact, elevator surfing has claimed many lives in the hope of internet fame, including a 20 year old male from New York in 2014 who became stuck between two floors after trying to jump between two separate moving cabs. Other risks of elevator surfing include but are not limited to injury from the moving cables, electrocution and falling which only stresses how important it is to use an elevator the correct way and avoid internet trends.

When it comes to elevators the team here at Elevators Ltd prioritise safety over everything in order to ensure that we only sell high quality lifts to our customers. After all, a break down is the last thing you want to deal with! Of course, no amount of maintenance can make up for delinquent youths abusing dangerous technology and CCTV security can help keep passengers safe! For more information about elevator surfing, get in contact with the best lift company around today!