An elevator that is well taken care of is considered safe for use either commercially or residentially. Of course, this all depends on the maintenance that the appliance is afforded and how high quality said maintenance is as some surveyors will forget to check certain aspects or skip them all together. With this said elevator maintenance is not advisory, it is a requirement of all elevator owners in order to ensure that their investment is safe and secure. Here is everything you need to know…


The first thing to remember is that elevator maintenance should be checked by a registered and reliable technician on a monthly basis. That way any issues can be found almost immediately and fixed efficiently without leaving the elevator out of use for too long. Without regular inspections of aspects like the ropes, motors and machinery, a problem could arise unexpectedly at a very inconvenient time.


During regular elevator maintenance, it is not uncommon for some defects to be found here and there. After all, that is why the checks are carried out in the first place! By spotting an issue early it means that the affected appliance can be replaced for a less damaged used piece or even a brand new one altogether. Using a reliable technician also means that the correct parts can be ordered to ensure that they are a perfect match for the make and model of the elevator in question.


During a screening, the technician will use a range of specialist equipment in order to ensure that the elevator is in full working order which is one reason why elevator maintenance cannot be carried out by a random person. From pressure gauges to multi-meters, the technician works hard to make sure that an elevator is in a safe condition for public and private use.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we are big campaigners of the implementation of high-quality maintenance. After all, we offer the service ourselves! Shockingly, around 20% of elevator owners will not invest in reliable maintenance, which makes their elevators presumably unsafe. To ensure that your elevator is always in great condition, get in contact with a member of the Elevators Ltd team and enquire about our lift maintenance services today!