Living an eco-friendly life

The emissions that we, as humans, produce are too much for the earth to cope. We’ve known this for a while and governments all over the world are slowly doing their bit, however, we have to ensure that global temperatures must not rise by more than 2C if we are to avoid a global climate disaster.

If we don’t do this, the consequences will be catastrophic; extreme weather including droughts and heatwaves; disruption in food cycles; and mass migration trends.

The thing is, each individual one of us is responsible for doing something about it; we have to take steps to reduce the amount of energy we use and emissions we produce. Our everyday lifestyles contribute to the environmental damage that is being caused.

From travelling to work and using our smartphones, to eating lunch and going to the bathroom, we all produce a carbon footprint that could be reduced.

So what steps can we take?

At home we can take minor steps such as taking showers instead of baths, ensuring all taps are firmly turned off when not in use, switching off lights in rooms you’re not occupying and turning appliances off rather than leaving them on standby. Major changes include insulating your home with measures such as loft insulations or double glazing. Not only will it help save the environment, it will reduce your energy bills.

Switching to LED lightbulbs is a massive help as they consume as little as 10% of the energy that traditional bulbs do. Plus, they work so much better and last a lot longer.

All the above steps can also be applied to commercial life, plus other changes such as the installation of environmentally friendly lifts by a lift company, and recycling office supplies.