It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that a 47 floor skyscraper will need a lift; not even the fittest person in the world would be able to tackle 47 flights of stairs. Well, you’d think so, but not in Spain! There was a minor problem with the construction work…

The InTempo skyscraper is due to be completed in December, but with a slight hitch in the building construction work, it may take longer than expected. We can’t quite understand how the architectures forgot to include lift installation in the design work, but they did! But here’s the best bit, they only realised after 23 floors were built; and 41 workers were hauling materials up 23 flights of stairs! You’d think you notice after the first couple surely?

Unfortunately, the contractors are still waiting on a solution! The InTempo was built in a certain way that there is no space for a lift shaft to be installed and they may have to include a series of external lifts, which will bump up the price tag on the skyscraper.

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