As a piece of man-made technology, it is essential that an elevator is inspected by a licenced professional on a regular basis to ensure that it is safe for use. Regular lift servicing also really help to keep your lift running smoothly. After all, a small problem can quickly develop into a serious issue that may end up putting the lives of passengers at risk. Here at Elevators Ltd, our engineers are trained in order to deal with each and every lift related concern that our clients may have. Read on as we go over 3 signs that your elevator may be overdue a service…

Regular Breakdowns

In the event of a breakdown, an elevator is programmed to slowly grind to a halt within the shaft rather than plummet into the basement. With this said, breakdowns that occur frequently should be investigated by an engineer sooner rather than later as it often suggests that there is a serious fault with the mechanics that needs to be addressed.


When an elevator cab stops above or below the desired floor, it is known as mid-levelling. This can cause health and safety issues as it may cause passengers to trip and fall over the lip as they enter or exit the lift. Usually, mid-levelling occurs when there is an issue with the brakes and is more likely to occur when a lift is overdue a service or the maintenance requirements are regularly neglected.

Jerky Movements

An elevator journey that leaves passengers fearing for their lives is not an ideal outcome. In fact, these cabs should not be utilised until the problem is rectified. After all, jerky elevators can make a journey feel unstable and should be investigated promptly in order to determine the cause of such issues, especially when a service has not been carried out for quite some time.

Every functioning elevator should be inspected on a bi-annual basis in order to ensure that there aren’t any areas for concern within the internal components. In fact, a property owner that fails to abide by these requirements may land themselves with a hefty fine because they are an important health and safety regulation that must be implemented at all times. To find out more information about elevator servicing, get in contact with the lift maintenance experts at Elevators Ltd today!

Lift Servicing is a vital part of your building maintenance.