We hear of so many accidents caused by non-lift professionals removing lifts from buildings. These “not so handy men” don’t understand the preciseness and danger involved of lift removal, without having the right amount of qualifications and experience behind them. It does infuriate us when we hear of people aren’t trained in this area removing lifts and here at Elevators Ltd, our number one concern is the safety of the passengers and our lift engineers.

There are a number of reasons why a lift removal is needed. Sometimes they can just be dated and need modernising; therefore, a lift rip-out is required. Other times, the building itself can be under construction. It’s the latter reasoning that concerns us the most. So many people are choosing to have the contractors deal with removing the lift because it’s cheaper, but we have had so many call-outs over the last year, in which our lift engineers have had to carry out lift repair work and services on these lifts. So in turn, it ends up costing the owner of the property more money in the long run and a short term fix, isn’t the solution.

Elevators Ltd has a team of highly qualified and experienced lift engineers in London, who can successfully and safely perform a lift removal. For more information on lift removal in London or any of our other lift services, just give our team of professionals a call today on 020 3355 2559 or send us an email to info@elevatorsltd.co.uk.