Lift Removal

Elevators Ltd are professionals in lift removal in London. We have a team of qualified and experienced lift engineers in London, who will fully assess the lift before removing it and ensure that the job in hand is taken with care for the safety of all those around.

This is why we believe that any form of lift removal should be left to the professionals. Did you know that there are more accidents happening from lift removals due to the “strip out contractors” taking over the job?

There are various reasons why lift removals are needed, this can be down to a standalone project, or when the whole building is under construction. The latter option is often when the contractors opt to doing the lift removal themselves because, it’s cheaper and they feel that it may be more convenient. When it comes to any lift removal services in London, please get in touch with a professional lift company like Elevators Ltd.

There’s a lot more to removing a lift than just simply taking out the .Work platforms have specific requirements in the LOLER, which must be followed. All lift platforms must be provided with suitable guard rails, toe-boards and an overhead protection. All qualified and trained lift engineers will calculate to determine the safe working load of the platform. Sometimes, alterations may be required when removing a lift in order to comply with the LOLA regulations.

Although Annex E of BS7255 (2012) covers dismantling in a generic way, it can’t cover all possibilities that might be encountered with lift removal. It is essential that a secondary safety system is put in place to prevent an accident from occurring if the primary system fails.

Lift Removals

Elevators Ltd are experienced and highly qualified in what we do, which is why you should always contact a professional for any lift removal services. There are items of equipment that should be lowered under control and should not be allowed to be free-fall. This requires lift engineers who have the skills and knowledge.

If you would like some more information about lift removal in London, please get in touch with Elevators Ltd today on 0203 6579840 and talk to the professionals. There are many unfortunate incidents that occur when non-lift professionals take control over a lift removal, and the safety of the workers and those around are put at risk. Don’t do the same and contact Elevators Ltd today.