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Do not use strip out contractors for lift removal, it is a highly skilled job

Lift Removal

Elevators Ltd are professionals in lift removals . We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who will fully assess the lift before removal and ensure that the job in hand is taken with care for the safety of all those around.

Did you know that there more accidents occur during lift removals due to the “strip out contractors” undertaking the job?  The unique risks associated with the removal of a lift make it vital that the work is done by qualified lift engineers. There are various reasons why lift removals are needed –  this can be down to a standalone project, removal prior to a new lift installation or building demolition.

Removing a lift is a complex undertaking – all work platforms and lifting equipment must comply with LOLER regs. Open lift shaft entrances must be protected. Every job presents its own challenges and our experienced project managers will carry out a comprehensive risk assessment focusing on a safe method of removal and disposal.

Although Annex E of BS7255 (2012) covers dismantling in a generic way, it does not cover all possibilities that might be encountered.  It is essential that a secondary safety system is put in place to prevent an accident from occurring if the primary suspension system fails.

There are items of equipment that should be lowered under control and should not be allowed to free-fall. This requires lift engineers who have the skills and knowledge.


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