How do you to choose a reliable lift maintenance company?

Routine lift maintenance and servicing from a reputable and reliable contractor is the secret to keeping your lifts running and hassle-free for many years. All machinery needs regular checks and servicing and lifts are no exception. All our engineers are highly skilled, very exerienced and fully accredited. Read on as we go over some top tips to keep in mind when choosing a lift maintenance company.

Why finding a good lift maintenance company is so important.

Lifts are susceptible to general wear and tear over their lifespan. Regular lift servicing by a qualified lift engineer ensures that the mechanical components remain in tip-top condition for many years. In fact, lift maintenance will not only increase the longevity of a lift, but it will also ensure that the lift cab is safe to use and prevents any sudden, inconvenient and expensive breakdowns from occurring. It may be tempting to cut corners, especially in the current economic climate, but remember regular lift servicing saves time and money in the long run.

“Elevators provide planed preventative maintenance as well as reactive maintenance support for 4 lifts on my site since 2017.
I have had a very good service from them since I have been working with them. They work to a tight, 2 hour, SLA for breakdowns and are able to achieve this consistently.”

Bhavin Patel Facilities Manager, Emirates Air Line


Since lift maintenance and lift engineering are highly skilled jobs, it is important that lift engineers are industry trained with all of the necessary qualifications. It would be irresponsible and potentially dangerous to use anything other than a skilled professional for lift repairs or maintenance. Property owners should never try to repair their own lift as this can put passengers in danger and may do more harm than good to the general condition of the components. It is wise to check out any potential lift servicing company you might be considering. Ask the company about the qualifications that their lift engineers to ensure that they are fully accredited. Elevators Ltd are happy to provide documentation that we and all our lift engineers are fully certified. We continue to invest in ongoing training, keeping our lift engineers’ knowledge up to date.

Client Reviews

Another effective way to gauge the reliability of an elevator maintenance company is by reading through some of the reviews that previous customers have left. After all, existing clients have no reasons to lie and tend to be brutally honest which means that a lift service company that chooses not to display its reviews should be approached with caution. Luckily, most companies are more than happy to provide evidence of authentic feedback from previous customers when asked.

Although the average elevator tends to come with a 25-year longevity guarantee, this figure is heavily dependent on the amount of maintenance that a property owner provides. In fact, an elevator that is never repaired will eventually become a health and safety risk. To find out more information, complete the form below to find out about our lift maintenance service contracts today!

“We just had several lifts refurbished by Elevators ltd on behalf of our clients. Great results, brilliant service and excellent communication. Highly recommended.”

Kobas Theron, Redwood Estate Management Ltd

How long has the lift maintenance company been running?

Choosing a lift engineering company that is well established gives you peace of mind, and shows you that they have a solid business and team. Check that they cover all the areas of lift maintenance that you need. As well as lift servicing can they manage lift car refurbishment and modernisation? If you need to replace lifts can they supply and install new lifts? Will your service provider let you know if your elevator equipment is ageing? Is it likely to need replacing in the near future? Or will the engineer be able to recommend improvements and upgrades to extend the lifespan of your elevators? Elevators Ltd is 20 years old, with plenty of experience and knowledge to give you the best service.

Don’t forget to read the small print

Make sure that it is clear exactly what is included in your lift maintenance contract, and if there may be any additional costs. Are any repairs included? What is the turnaround to obtain parts? The level of lift servicing you need will be dependent on many factors – not purely cost. Are the lifts in heavy use? Older lifts tend to need more regular servicing. If your company only operates during business hours, do you need 24-hour support? Can the lift maintenance company cope with large-scale operations or projects? Our lift maintenance plans – Principal Lift Care, Principal Plus Lift Care and Comprehensive Lift Care deliver the right level of service to meet your company’s needs.

Elevators Ltd have over 20 years of experience working on and servicing all forms of passenger and goods lifts, from dumb waiters to platform lifts we have experienced engineers that can service and maintain all your lifts. Whether you have a domestic lift or a number of large commercial premises, give us a call to see how we can help you keep running smoothly. Our best adverts are our outstanding customer reviews and when it comes to finding the best lift servicing company our customers agree that we deliver. Find out which Elevators Ltd lift maintenance contract best suits your needs.

“I own a Property Management Company and can safely say these guys are the best we have used in over 25 years. For all servicing such as lift maintenance/small repairs. They have also recently carried out a huge refurbishment to a lift from the 1960s which has been brought up to current standards and this was a very seamless exercise. They make our jobs easier.”

Matthew Turner, Southern Counties Property Management

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