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Hygiene Solutions

for Safe and Clean Elevators

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for extra care with hygiene. Irrespective of the location; office, hospital, hotel, or shopping centre extra care and caution should be applied to lift cleaning. Lift buttons are prime examples of features where germs can easily be exchanged and because of this, there are essential hygiene measures to follow :

• During lift travel, maintain a moderate level of distance between yourself and passengers who are coughing or sneezing

Wash your hands frequently with anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitiser, especially after your lift journey has concluded.

• If you do have a cough or sneeze in a lift, cover your mouth and nose with your arm or tissue.

• After using a tissue, dispose of it immediately and carefully.

• Contact us if you need extra health and safety signage or advice.

These are DOPPLER solutions for safe and clean cabin environment.

Air Purifier

The Air Purifier device clears the air and the inner surfaces of the cabin. Side or roof mounting, one device ensures hygiene atmosphere emits 60m3/h of fresh air every 5 minutes in a 5m2 cabin space.

air-purifier can be fitted into your lift to keep the air cleaner.
uv - lamp for lift

UV Lamp

An intelligent elevator ultraviolet disinfection system suitable for residential or commercial applications. Using a UV lamp light wave, it provides high percentage of sterilization efficiency.

Controlled remotely the system is able to notify about lamp usage, life expiration and lamp replacement.

touchless buttons in a lift are a much more hygienic option

Touchless Buttons

Make a lift call with a light hand gesture to the button. Able to operate as a Landing or Cabin Operating panel. High-end, stylish yet hygienic, the touchless buttons are the latest trend in elevator technology.

Voice Recognition

Just pronounce the floor and the system is activated to elevate you.    * Soon to be launched

Mobile Lift Call

Call and handle the elevator from your mobile. Enjoy a future experience.   *Soon to be launched

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