Lift Engineers

Our lift engineers will be responsible for Lift installation, Lift repair and servicing of hydraulic lift equipment and electrical traction.  Our specialist lift Engineers provide Lift maintenance and building services and can deal with all types of lifts; these include, passenger lifts, stair lifts, ceiling track hoists and loading platforms.

Our typical duties for a lift engineer include responding to emergency call outs, which means carrying out repairs out-of-hours, and replacing existing lift interiors, such as the floor or communication systems. Lift engineers are responsible for undertaking inspections of existing lift equipment, as well as the installation of a brand new machine.

Our Lift engineers obviously have an aptitude for mechanical work, as well as an understanding of engineering and the willingness to work flexible hours. We believe that all our engineers have excellent customer service skills and a good understanding of ICT, so that all necessary reports and records are fully complete to meet all requirements.

At Elevators Ltd, we have some of the best lift engineers around and have over 50 years combined experience in the lift installation, repair, modernisation and maintenance industry. We cover every kind of lift service imaginable, and to read more on the services that we provide, you can either look at our website or contact our dedicated team.

How Can You Become a Lift Engineer?

Starting a career as a lift engineer can lead to a fairly chunky salary. For those of you with an interest in mechanics, as well as the maintenance of large machinery, then the life of a lift engineer might just be for you.

But what exactly does a lift engineer do and how do you get started? Well, we’re here at Elevators Ltd to give you a brief rundown on how you can kick start a career working within the world of lifts.