Yep our title for this blog is correct and a workforce that neither of us want going on strike. There are only certain, specially qualified and experienced people in this world that can repair and keep lift maintenance up to date, and that’s lift engineers in London, or anywhere else in the world. It’s bad enough being stuck in a broken lift, but we can’t imagine what must go through people’s minds knowing the only people who can rescue them, that’s unless Superman gets to them first, are lift engineers who just happen to be on strike. Sod’s law!

Over the last couple of months, the lift engineers in Ontario have gone on strike for better working conditions and not for money.  In the lift industry, this means that the International Union of Elevator Constructors local (IUEC) are striking against the National Elevator Escalator Association (NEEA). The main victims who are affected by this action are those in care homes, hospitals and apartment blocks. The lift companies involved have stated that they have employed “highly skilled managers and well-trained workers” to keep the lifts maintained, and have managed around 95% of the lifts affected.

You don’t need to be a genius to figure out the dangers involved. 11 CEP conference attendees in Octava were stuck in a life for 35 minutes and some needing medical attention after. Elderly people living in care homes cannot be expected to take the stairs if the lift in their building was to break down and what happens to those needing emergency medical attention in hospitals? It would literally be a matter of life or death. Those working in the city and living in tall apartment blocks can’t walk up 40+ floors twice a day. Hopefully this strike will end soon, before something serious happens and then there will be a few questions asked.

Here at Elevators Ltd, our lift engineers in London put the safety of the passengers first and we can ensure you that our lift engineers won’t be going on strike. Lift maintenance is one of the most important lift services and that’s why our lift engineers won’t let you down, and will put you first. Contact us today for more information on lift maintenance and our lift engineers in London today on 020 3355 2559.