Have you ever wondered what the day-to-day life of a lift engineer is like? And what is required to become a qualified engineer? Well wonder no more as we give you the low down on life inside of the lift!

The job of an engineer is quite varied but there are three main parts to the job: installation, servicing and repair.  All aspects of the job and any tasks completed will fall into these three categories. The great thing about working in this industry is that you get to work in such a wide range of settings, both commercial and domestic. You get to do something different every day, from working in hospitals, offices and hotels, to care homes, shops and schools.

Of course, you need official qualifications and a wealth of experience to become a quality engineer but there are apprenticeships that you can get yourself on which train you up at the same time as you gaining your qualifications.

Day-to-day, your duties might include any and all of the following:

Emergency breakdown call-outs
Minor or major repairs
Identifying issues with lifts
Refurbishing existing lifts
Carrying out routine maintenance

Health and safety is also a massive part of the job with strict guidelines that must be followed. Senior engineers often move on to lift design work which involves working with CAD software but not every engineer has to do this. So how does the life of a lift engineer sound? Is it a career that you think you might be interested in?