Being able to define each lift purpose from one another is a skill that the Elevators Ltd team have picked up over several years’ worth of experience. After all, there is nothing worse than making all your decisions only to find that you missed out a vital part of the puzzle. In this blog series we’ve decided to go over all of the different types of elevators that we offer…

Platform Lifts

As they come with a low maintenance guarantee the platform lift is the perfect solution for a company that is looking for a high-quality elevator that won’t break the bank. From prams to wheelchairs this lift comes with emergency stop buttons and alarms that can be placed both inside and outside.

Inclined Platform Lifts

As a twist on the regular platform lift we all know and love, the inclined variety is designed with wheelchair users in mind in order to offer a quick, simple and safe method of transportation between floors. In fact, they can even be installed outside building entrances and many other establishments.

Machine Room-less Lifts

The idea behind a MRL elevator is that all of the equipment that would usually be contained at the very top of a building is placed inside the actual lift shaft. This is a perfect addition for those looking to save space and they can either be electric traction or hydraulically operated.

Environmentally Friendly Lifts

We are all looking for ways to help protect and save the environment but who would have thought that elevators could be factored into this philosophy. In fact, an ECO lift offers something called regenerative overlay which means that they put power back into the grid on particular cycles so that it can be used somewhere else within the building. These lifts also save you money over time too!

Every single lift that we supply here at Elevators Ltd comes in a different size with a unique style that can completely change any property. Whether you’re looking at installing one inside an office building or within your home, you can bet the Elevators Ltd team have got you covered! For more information get in contact with the best lift company around and keep an eye out for part three of our blog series!