It’s not all about going up and down in a lift, what if you have to walk a fair distance to get from one side of the floor to the other? Some buildings are wider than you think. Well, it looks like someone else has the same opinion as us that lifts should travel beyond going up and down. A magnetic levitation technology will soon be incorporated into lifts to enable them to move sideways as well as up and down. It looks as if this new technology will be introduced in 2016. This would make a good lift installation!

Elevators Ltd are always looking for new ways to improve the standards of lifts and we’ll always offer our customers the highest standard of service, which is why we use state of the art technology and equipment on our lifts. Having a safely operated and long-lasting lift is our first priority, which is why we’re eager to recommend regular lift maintenance checks on our lifts to not only give the lift a once over, but to also highlight any problems or faults that may occur, or that we feel may cause disruption in the future.

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