Everyone is trying to do their bit for the environment, whether it’s recycling cans and bottles, or cycling to work, or hopping into an environmentally friendly lift. Yes they do exist and here at Elevators Ltd, we are proud to present to you our eco-system lifts.

All of our lifts have the latest in technology and our eco-friendly range are second to none, in fact; they’re pretty cool if we do say so ourselves and they will save you a few pennies too. Here are a few cool facts about our environmentally friendly lifts:

  • Standby Mode: Like with your TV, the lift will go in sleep mode when it is not in motion. During the sleep mode, the lift control system will shut down the lift’s car lights, ventilation and it will signal when it is not in use.
  • VVVF Control: This is when the lift motors drive the controller capable of speed and variable voltage.
  • Regenerative Overlay: This generates power back into the grid on certain travel cycles, making it available for other places in the building.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting: We use the latest in LED technology in our lift car lighting, which has the option to switch off when the lift is not in motion.

Elevators Ltd will work alongside your designers in creating the energy efficient lift and will make sure they analyse all the energy efficient features, and specify which the lowest energy consumption in compliance with BEAM is.

If you’re interested in an energy efficient lift or require a regular lift installation, then just give Elevators Ltd. a call today on 020 3355 2599 and we’ll be more than happy to help.