The maintenance of the lift in your office building must be ongoing if the lift is to be used daily and efficiently. If the person responsible does not keep it maintained and cared for, then people using living or working in the building will be inconvenienced. It’s also a major factor in keeping the costs down, because regular maintenance means that the parts and components will need to be replaced less. The life of the lift will be prolonged and it’s just good practice. It’s also extremely important to register the lift too, when it has been installed. That way, any repairs or replacement parts needed will be covered.

The people using the lift must make sure that they adhere to the regulations surrounding the use of the lift too, to keep the lift moving as it should and as to not delay others in the building. You must place signs around the building to reinforce this as improper usage may void your warranty. You must also know how and where to source proper care and parts – if you do not, you are likely to cause problems for people in the building, for example those working on the tenth floor!

If you or anyone else notices anything unusual about the lift in the building such as delayed response time or longer time travelling between floors, then a reliable and qualified lift engineer must be called out to assess the lift. There may be nothing wrong, but it’s better to check rather than leave it until there is an even bigger problem, especially if it is a passenger lift. Office and residential buildings must be looked after and the maintenance must be meticulous. Lift maintenance especially needs to be regular and thorough, no stone unturned. Make sure you have a professional on hand for when you need them; obvious choice being us! We have over fifty years’ experience in the lift industry, incorporating repair, service and installation so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.