We all like to keep things neat and tidy, and if you’re a little OCD like we are, then you’ll fully understand the annoyance that the littlest thing out of place or a few crumbs on the kitchen surface can have. Luckily for our customers, one of the benefits of being OCD means that there will be little mess when it comes to a lift installation or any one of our other lift services and for anyone who shares the OCD experience, we have a the ideal lift for you; the machine room-less lifts (MRL).

We can complete a machine room-less lift installation in both commercial and residential properties, generating additional space and storage. All of the equipment is kept in the lift well and the lift’s drive system is placed either within or adjacent to the shaft. This basically means that there is no need for a separate motor and of course, frees up valuable space whilst cutting down on construction costs. We bet this sounds like a dream to you?

There are two types of MRL lifts; an electric traction one and a hydraulic one. The arrangements for the electric traction lift are available with the machine that is located on the pit or the headroom, whereas the hydraulic lift has mounted machinery in the cabinet that is adjacent to the lift shaft.

Eco-friendly features can be included in the machine room-less lift installation and there are additional benefits included with an MRL lift, all of which can be found on our website. This really is the perfect lift installation choice for those who have limited space available and want everything to be safely and neatly stored.