It’s not unknown that Japan is well advanced in technology so that they are able to create some of the world’s quirkiest gadgets, but they are also known for manufacturing and engineering some of the fastest and most impressive elevators to ever grace the planet. The most recent one being the elevator that the Japanese lift company Hitachi built for the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre in China, which will transport passengers from the ground floor to the 95th floor in just 43 seconds.

Japan has four main lift companies who work endlessly in creating and building the best elevators, and as you can imagine, it’s a very competitive market. By 2017, the elevator market is predicted to increase to $111b. The Japanese elevators have also been carefully designed to protect passengers from natural disasters that the country is known to attract. For example Tokyo; the city rests on the immediate danger zone, which surrounds the volatile Median Tectonic Line.

The capital has been rumbled by earthquakes in 1992 and 2005, which in turn meant the city’s elevators were upgraded with safeguarding technologies. These included sensors which can detect initial minute vibrations that can trigger the start of major earthquakes, which means the elevators can prevent the risk of passengers from getting trapped inside one by safely transporting them to the nearest floor.

As well as this, their elevators are renowned for being a smooth ride, as well as having a record speed and time for transporting passengers. The team at Elevators Ltd think the Japanese lifts are pretty cool and if we’re lucky enough to go out there, which one day we hope are, then we will definitely sample one or two of their elevators!

But back to home soil! If you’re looking for reputable lift company who provides a professional lift installation service, or there is a lift in your building that you think can do with our lift modernisation expertise, then please don’t hesitate to contact Elevators Ltd today.