We know, we know, we keep banging on about the space elevator, but there is just too many updates in the news surrounding this, so we thought we’d keep you up to date too! We think it’s very exciting and in our heads, all we can think of is a lift installation from Earth into Space, and that the lift maintenance would be interesting to say the least. Hopefully there will be no emergency call outs for lift repair work; you would definitely need some engineers who are trained astronauts to sort this one out. But in reality, the space elevator won’t be how we imagine it to be. Anyway, back to the update.

Researchers in Washington have suggested that the ‘beanstalk’ like elevator will reach 100,000km into space and will provide a safe and cost-effective access to the Earth’s orbit. Now as you can imagine, there will be a few risks involved in the space elevator, but the tether serving as the space elevator means that it can transport people and payload into space using climbers – electric vehicles, which will move in the same way as lift; up and down, but much quicker – the same speed of a train. It would be the rotation of the Earth that will keep the tether firm and able to support the climbers successfully. Pretty cool isn’t it?

We better send our lift engineers to NASA so they can become fully trained astronauts, as well as qualified engineers! The lift maintenance would have to be spot on and they can’t afford to make any mistakes. No pressure! Everyone at Elevators Ltd is constantly keeping track of the space elevator and why not; it is history in the making!