From annual music festivals to daily work commutes, there are many different places that overcrowding is known to be commonplace. After all, the more people who use a service the more likely it is going to reach capacity. When it comes to elevators however there is always a worry that overcrowding will become a dangerous habit. After all, weight restrictions are in place for a reason. Read on to find out more…


Tractions elevators are fitted with a component known as a counterweight inside the shaft and this amounts to the weight of the cab plus half of the maximum capacity it can hold. Its main purpose is to make elevators more energy efficient and prevent the motor from working overtime in order to get passengers to the floor they require. With this said, counterweights only go so far, and it is important that cabs are not too full which is why there are signs telling you the maximum number of passengers that should travel at any one time.

Capacity Warnings

Inside every elevator there is a sign that tells you the maximum weight that it can hold and how many people this equivalates to. This is because overcrowding an elevator cab is not only uncomfortable, it can place extra strain on the mechanisms that allow the cab to move between floors. Of course, it is important to note that the risk of the cab freefalling due to any extra weight is incredibly unlikely.

The Dangers

Overcrowding is dangerous, especially in an elevator. After all, nobody wants to be crushed in a tiny cube for several minutes just to avoid the stairs. In fact, overcrowding in elevators can be risky in the event of an emergency because the lack of available space to respond to the situation can put people at risk, especially if the problem is medical related. In addition to this, overcrowded elevators can also be harmful for people suffering with anxiety related conditions like claustrophobia.

Here at Elevators Ltd we place an incredible amount of focus on safety and security when it comes to our range of elevators. After all, lift maintenance is not something that should be ignored or left until last minute if you want to ensure that your elevator is in good condition. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!