Well, we find them interesting anyway and there were a few things that not even lift maintenance and lift installation experts like ourselves knew! Are you ready for seven interesting facts about lifts?

  1. Did you know that the very first modern style lift installation was in the New York City hotel lobby in 1857? Luxury hotel lobbies saw the rise of modern day elevators and we couldn’t imagine it being any different today. Imagine having to carry your luggage to the top floor via the stairs? No thank you!
  2. There are a whopping 900,000 lifts in America alone.
  3. And in 2012, there were 914,000 new lifts sold in the world, 58% went to China.
  4. If lifts weren’t invented, then there would be NO Penthouse; now that would be a disaster! We probably don’t need to tell you about what a Penthouse is, but you could say that they’ve evolved from luxury homes with servants. We’ve done a fair few lift installations and carried out lift maintenance work in some London penthouses and they are incredible!
  5. Here’s one for you; some cities might not even exist today if it wasn’t for lifts. Buildings would be on average 5 to 6 stories high, which mean more buildings would have been built, resulting in cities becoming continuous.
  6. Lifts became a form of sickness that Doctors referred to as “elevator sickness” – can you believe it? Vertical transport used to make passengers feel sick due to the sudden movement of internal organs and the lift coming to a sudden stop. It’s interesting to know that is still true today for a lot of people.
  7. Back in the day, it was custom for a man to remove his hat when a woman was present in a room – if only this still happened today! But, lifts spiralled out some confusion as to whether a lift counted as a room or not, so people felt a little uncomfortable in what they should do.

Pretty interesting aren’t they? Of course, without elevators there would unfortunately be no Elevators Ltd and the London and the rest of the UK wouldn’t have the leading lift maintenance and lift installation company!