Over their 200 years of existence, the elevator has developed considerably and there are now a variety of different models available for customers to choose from. After all, every building and its requirements are different which means that a property owner must be able to choose a lift that reflects this. The market offers two main elevator systems known as traction and hydraulic and although the former is the most traditional option, hydraulic elevators are growing in popularity with each year that passes. Read on as we go over a few interesting facts about them…

Why are hydraulic elevators incredibly easy to maintain?

Since hydraulic elevators use pistons and hydraulic fluid in order to move a cab within an elevator shaft, there isn’t as much emphasis on maintenance in comparison to traction systems. For instance, the lack of a rope and pulley system means that there is reduced wear and tear on the components due to the lack of continuous friction. In addition to this, the drive of a hydraulic lift is very easy to access which also reinforces the ease of maintenance that they offer property owners.

Are hydraulic elevators a safer alternative to traction?

Although every elevator is built with safety in mind, hydraulic systems are considered the most effective in emergency situations as there isn’t a counterweight within the shaft that could be affected by natural disasters like earthquakes. After all, mechanics are no match for Mother Nature’s wrath. In addition to this, maintenance work is also safer to carry out due to this lack of counterweight which is why many property owners are choosing to opt for hydraulic systems.

How noisy is a hydraulic elevator system?

Since an elevator is a mechanical piece of equipment, property owners should expect some kind of noise to resonate from the components. With this said, a hydraulic elevator stores these moving parts in a machine room which means that there is an opportunity to hide the noise in a location where it cannot be heard, such as the basement. This differs from traction systems that are also built with a machine room as the motor is often placed on the top floor which can be a nuisance, especially in apartment blocks when residents have to live side by side a functioning and noisy elevator.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we pride ourselves on our incredibly varied product range. After all, we recognise that the elevator is an accessibility tool as well as a modern aesthetical solution which means that some operating systems may be more preferable over others. To find out more information about hydraulic elevators and the benefits that they offer, get in contact with the best lift company on the market and ask a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!