The elevator industry has been thriving for almost two centuries which means that there have been several innovations that have reshaped the way we look at the elevator completely. After all, developments in both technology and engineering are the reason we have such advanced elevators at our disposal in 2018. Read on as we go over three of the most interesting elevator innovations…

Safety Brake

As the innovation that redefined the elevator for the masses, Elisha Otis’ safety brake was invented in the 1850’s and paved the way for elevator safety as we know it today. After all, even with dozens of thick steel cords, people are still terrified that they are going to freefall inside an elevator shaft. The safety brake invention made it possible to install passenger elevators in a wide range of locations, including skyscrapers.

Automatic Doors

In the past, elevates were operated by people who would open and close the doors manually and then use controls in order to deliver the passengers to the required floor. Following the development of sensitive door bumper technology in 1944, elevators no longer required staff. After all, automatic doors on an elevator were considered a futuristic invention and help brand them as a cost effective investment that could operate on their own without much human intervention.

Double Decks

As perhaps the most recent elevator innovation, double decker elevators apply the same principle as double decker buses in order to control the flow of foot traffic. After all, stacking two cabs on top of one another allows an elevator to carry twice the number of people without adding to their footprint. In fact, this design helps reduce the amount of space that is required in order to transport twice the number of passengers in an elevator shaft.

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