You may have read on of our previous blogs about the InTempo building in Spain being built, but with no lifts (totally being serious here), well word has it that there has been some lift installation!

The InTempo building is one of Europe’s largest buildings and the architects forgot to include lift installation in their construction work and they only realised after someone climbed up 20 floors? You’d think they would realise after the first couple of floors really? Well, we would; call us lazy if you wish, but it’s a pretty normal thing to think. Anyway, the rumour that is going round now is that lift and lift shafts have been installed into the skyscraper now! Slight hitch in the art work there!

You can rest assure that with Elevators Ltd, we won’t forget to install a lift into your building. In fact, we work with the architectures to ensure that lift installation has been included in the design work and our lift engineers will be there when the construction work begins.

If you’re looking for more information on lift installation or any of our lift services, just give the team at Elevators Ltd a call today on 020 3468 3193. Our lift services include lift maintenance and lift modernisation.