We know we know, we must have mentioned the space lift at least twenty times before! We think that it deserves yet another mention though, as brand new reports have revealed that the mysterious Google X facility has confirmed they are finally working on the long awaited space lift!

But it looks as if we might be waiting much longer for this space-age advance in technology than we thought. The project is now on the backburner for the foreseeable future, as the materials needed to bring it to life simply don’t exist!

According to one of the space lift team’s researchers Dan Piponi, the building material required would have to be “at least one hundred times stronger than the strongest steel that we have.” In-fact, the only material that even comes close is the carbon nanotube, a construction with extraordinary thermal conductivity but sadly not the length required for Google X’s project. The longest carbon nanotube currently in existence stretches to just a meter, while the nanotubes needed to build the space lift must be hundreds of miles long! Unbelievable!

What the Elevators Ltd team is most concerned about though is how you would carry out lift maintenance and lift repair on a space elevator. Our first thought would be a spacewalk, but we have all seen the film Gravity and know how that ‘routine’ walk turned out!

We’re happy to keep our feet firmly on the ground, which is why our lift company serves a number of properties right here in London, Kent and even abroad. We carry out various lift repair and lift maintenance jobs for a whole range of large and small businesses (even lift modernisation!) so don’t be afraid to contact Elevators Ltd with your requirements today.