Seeing as it’s Monday, we thought we’d lift the mood slightly with a rather different blog – as you can probably tell by the title, but it is lift related; sort of.


Girls love Barbie dolls and every girl wants their very own Ken and a doll’s house to put them in, but how much are you willing to pay for one? How about almost £100? It comes fully equipped with a lift installation too, which gives us an idea! Lift engineers will be needed if anything was to ever go wrong the with Barbie’s lifts in her luxury Malibu Dreamhouse and creating Elevators Ltd lift engineer dolls would be a done deal! We’ll definitely have to look into this one!

As we mentioned, Barbie’s Dreamhouse does include two working lifts that connects the walk-in wardrobe to the bathroom. We’d love to see how this lift was installed and how it works; it may require some lift maintenance further down the line. Seeing as she can’t bend her legs, we can’t have Barbie walking up the stairs now can we? As well as having a lift installation, the doll’s house also consists of three floors, six bedrooms, a balcony, a flat screen TV, a purple fireplace, and an electric guitar, a light up mirror, a flushing toilet and a singing shower. That’s more than the average house today!

It might be an idea to keep Barbie’s new house a secret from any young girls (or boys), otherwise you’ll forking out £100 this Christmas compared to the £4 you would have paid for Barbie’s original cardboard doll’s house in 1962. We told you that this blog would be related to lifts!

If you’re considering having a home lift installation or require any other lift services including, lift maintenance and repair, please do get in contact with Elevators Ltd today.