Although it seems like such a trivial thing to contend with, a lot of spontaneous crime takes place within an elevator, which means that it is important to secure them. Here at Elevators Ltd, we like to cover all the bases when it comes to the elevator industry and in this blog, we have decided to go over a few ways that you can improve the security of a public elevator. Read on to find out more…


It is important that a passenger in a public elevator feels safe during their journey, which is why CCTV can be a great investment. After all, it can deter criminals from carrying out a crime as the last thing they want is to be caught in the act. In addition to this, CCTV can also help the security staff in a busy public building track who is using an elevator in order to keep other people safe.

Key Card Access

Often used in hotel and office buildings, a key card system is a great way to ensure that the only people using an elevator are the individuals authorised to do so. After all, the last thing that a business wants is a random individual roaming the halls that do not have permission to be there. The system usually works by inserting or scanning a key card inside the cab after pressing the button to a floor in order to tell the system that you have authorisation to use the elevator.


Although elevators rarely breakdown, it is important that anybody who finds themselves trapped inside a cab has a way to communicate with the building and call for help. After all, a bell is only useful if there is somebody passing that can alert the building manager. As a result, you should ensure that your elevator has a call button that can be used in order to contact the front desk of a building in an emergency.

Here at Elevators Ltd, we understand how important it is to stay on top of security. After all, an elevator offers a potential troublemaker access to every floor in a building. In addition to this, it is also important that anybody who finds themselves trapped inside a stalled elevator can call for help. If you are thinking about improving the security of your elevator, get in contact with the best lift company around and speak to a member of the Elevators Ltd team today!