Here at Elevators Ltd, we place a lot of emphasis on the manufacturing process when it comes to the development of our cabs. After all, the last thing that property owners want to be dealing with after a brand-new installation is a broken-down elevator system. With this said, an older cab is subject to general wear and tear and this means that there is always a risk of a fault developing that causes the elevator to unexpectedly breakdown. Luckily, this is never as dramatic as the movies make it seem. Read on as we go over a few important things to remember when finding oneself trapped inside a broken-down elevator cab…

Why is it important to stay calm?

It is safe to say that panicking is a natural response when it comes to emergency situations like being trapped inside an elevator cab. With this said, it is vital that at least one person remains composed enough to make decisions that will ultimately affect the way that everybody escapes. Luckily, all elevators are programmed to stop at the nearest floor during a breakdown which means that making noise should be enough to alert people to the situation.

What does an emergency call button do?

It is rare to find an elevator that does not have an emergency call button fitted into the panel of the cab. After all, these are used in order to alert people to the situation that is unfolding in a cab. For instance, pressing this button may either provide a direct link to the front office of the building, the elevator company that installed the cab or even the emergency services. Plus, this system often tends not to require a signal which makes them perfect for use during a power cut.

Can elevator doors be forced open?

In movies the characters always try to force open an elevator door in order to escape a stranded cab whilst the viewers watch with anticipation as the passengers squeeze through a small gap and the elevator groaned as if it is going to free-fall any minute. Although it is theoretically possible to force open a cab door, it isn’t recommended as some buildings may have two cabs operating within one shaft and doing so could open up the cab directly to the shaft, putting passengers in danger.

There are many different reasons why people may be afraid of using an elevator, especially when it comes to the over-exaggerated portrayals in movies and television that depict a cab free-falling to the basement. Luckily, every elevator comes with a built-in emergency braking system that forces a cab to smoothly stop at the next floor in the event of a breakdown. To find out more information about elevator safety, get in contact with the best lift company around today!