Usually, stepping into a lift isn’t something we necessarily enjoy doing. It’s not that the experience is unpleasant; it’s just that it’s such an everyday occurrence that it’s something we do on auto-pilot. However, some hotels across the globe have really stepped up the lift game and have made their own lifts something to really marvel at. You’ll find no mind-numbing lift music in these luxury lifts.

Take the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. They have installed six-foot-tall, high definition screens in their lifts which change theme depending on the time of year you visit. It’s an incentive to return to see the next visual display…

If you’re visiting the QT Sydney, you’ll get both aural and visual treats when using their lifts. Their nifty technology allows the lift to detect how many passengers are entering the lift, putting on an appropriate visual and audio display for you. So for example if large group of people entered the lift, a disco ball effect would occur with the lighting, accompanied by an up-tempo party tune. However, if a solitary person entered, the light might produce some calming visuals whilst playing a chilled out tune. The technology is pretty amazing.

Other brilliant features include a lift that shows you the creation of our universe; a lift that doubles up as a photo booth; and some hotels that even let you check-in within the elevator!

It’s through these weird and wonderful lift features that hotels are looking to set themselves apart from their competitors. More and more hotels, of varying sizes, across the world are introducing these kinds of extras and as a lift company always looking for inspiration, we love keeping up to date with the latest features.