The elevator is a staple addition to most buildings in 2018 which is why often take for granted how adapted they are for certain purposes. Take wheelchair elevators for example; they have been altered in terms of the amount of weight they can bare and the size of the interior in order to ensure that they can comfortably carry a wheelchair. In this blog, the team here at Elevators Ltd have decided to go over everything you need to know about hospital elevators…


Inside a hospital, many wards run at a very fast pace, especially the accident and emergency department and this means that the staff must be able to navigate around without any issues. Of course, a regular sized elevator is not built to fit a large hospital bed inside it comfortably and this means that they have to be adapted for such a purpose. Elevators inside a hospital serve many purposes aside from transporting patients; they are also necessary to move important and heavy machinery around the different floors to where it may be required. Without them, the hospital system would surely fall apart. In fact, elevators have been so necessary inside a hospital environment that the earliest known installation is thought to have taken place in 1929!


Of course, the activity inside an hospital does affect the design of an elevator in many different ways, with the first being space. This is because a hospital elevator must be big enough to fit a bed inside as well as any machines that a patient may be hooked up to. There must also be room for staff like doctors, nurses or porters too. In addition to this, an elevator must operate as smooth as possible in order to ensure that a patient stays safe. Any sudden movements or jittering could put them at risk, especially if their condition is critical. Finally, all hospital elevators need to work efficiently and fast in order to deal with the supply and demand from staff, patients and visiting family members. If the lifts are too slow then it will cause traffic to build up quite quickly and potentially jeopardise patient care.


Here at Elevators Ltd we know how much of an important role a lift plays in a range of different environments. After all, a hospital wouldn’t be able to function without the necessary adaptions to an elevator. With this said, wheelchair lifts are no different since they allow the disabled members of the general public to get around independently. For information or to speak to a member of the team, get in contact with the best lift company around today!