Elevator music was first implemented during the early 20th century and has become widely popular throughout the years. Although it currently isn’t used in elevators today as often as it was during the first few decades of its introduction, elevator music has a very interesting history. Here are a few key points…

The act of adding automatic music into an elevator was first introduced in 1922 in order to try and calm passengers who were scared to be enclosed inside the cab for the duration of their journey. At this point in history, we have to remember that whilst elevators would have been fairly new for some people, claustrophobia wasn’t. To people of the 1920’s who suffered from such fears, stepping inside this machinery was a possible risk to their life and would have been terrifying.

The idea of elevator music was a success and meant that more and more people began to use the elevator as a means to travel within tall buildings. In fact, the phenomenon was also implemented inside shopping centres, supermarkets and airports in order to try and calm people in those situations too.

Elevator music, which is also known as Muzak, is made specifically to follow a very simple melody that can be looped and followed by anybody, thus offering calming abilities.

The earliest suppliers of elevator music are known as Muzak Holdings LLC and have been around since the early 1920’s. The Southern Californian company had the main goal of distributing via radio waves to elevators, hotels, restaurants and even factories, with the claim that it could help increase employee productivity.

Today, it is considered rather uncommon to hear elevator music inside every single lift since elevators are a very common occurrence however, you are very likely to hear it inside an old fashioned building. Here at Elevators Ltd, although we don’t provide elevator music, we are the best lift company around for all things elevator related! Get in contact today to find out more information!