Last week we took a look at the psychology behind our strange behaviour throughout an elevator ride, and how some of us can feel awkward or even a little anxious as it shuttles us up to higher floors. Well, it turns out that there may actually be a solution to this problem, and that other companies across the globe are already fully aware of the issue.

In an interview with the New Yorker, the man often credited with the successful design of Apple-Jonathan Ive- spoke about how he and Steve Jobs both suffered with a lack of social skills. They were both reasonably friendly people, however they both found that they felt a little uncomfortable in elevators due to how close they were to other people. This led to Apple eventually installing some television screens in the lifts of their headquarters, so as to combat this lack of social smoothness.

The television screens acted as a digital distraction for any passengers in the lift. This ultimately provided those that felt awkward with a place to fix their eyes, as there’s nothing worse than having to feign interest in a piece of chewing gum just to stop you from making awkward eye contact. The screens also distracted those that feel a little anxious about getting into a lift, making the journey much more relaxed and enjoyable.

These screens are only just the beginning as well, as several lift companies are looking into the prospect of making lift journeys more entertaining. For example, there is an advert on the internet where a person is waiting for an elevator, they then get inside once the doors open- only for the floor to look as though it’s falling away from beneath their feet. This sort of graphic might not be great for those feeling nervous about their lift journey, but you can’t deny that this would certainly make the journey more entertaining!

An awkward, uncomfortable lift journey can be the worst part of many people’s day, and the inception of interactive, digital distractions might just prove to the distraction you’ve been waiting for. Of course, it all depends on how long the average lift journey is going to be and how full it’s going to be, but this sort of thing would be perfect for larger office blocks that have been suffering ever since elevator music disappeared forever.

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