Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! You can’t deny that we Brits love a good knees-up and when it comes to Saint Patrick’s Day, we can’t help but join the Irish in some celebrations. Although we’re still envious that we don’t get a public holiday for Saint George’s Day and for some reason, we don’t really seem to celebrate our Patron day quite in the same way! Ah well!

We’ve been celebrating quite a lot recently with new customers and exciting big contracts for our services in lift maintenance and lift installation and 2014 is looking to be a smashing year for everyone at Elevators Ltd, and we couldn’t be happier. The lift industry is a very competitive one to be in and people are relying on lift maintenance companies like us to, not only ensure that the lift operates smoothly, but also in keeping the passengers safe at all times.

Although we’re no Patrons, we’d like to think that if there was a Patron lift company out there then it would be us; Saint Elevators Ltd – has a ring to it, wouldn’t you agree? We are highly passionate about what we do and the service that we provide, so you can rest assured and put your faith and trust in us. So, if you are searching for a professional and reliable lift maintenance company, then look no further than Elevators Ltd. Contact us today for more information.