We probably take for granted the fact that some of us work in a serviced office block. We don’t question who pays the electric bill for the whole building, we don’t wonder who mops the floors late at night when everyone has gone home for the day, and we don’t worry when there’s something wrong with the taps or the switches or the lift. We just tell reception and then like magic, it’s handled. We probably don’t really realise that there’s a whole team of people working behind the scenes so that we can work front of house. It’s easy to forget those who come into the building as we’re clocking off. They work late into the night, they have access to doors we don’t even know existed in the building, and they don’t require any support. They just come in, do their jobs, and leave, then in the morning when we return we waltz in and don’t even notice how clean the bannisters are.

But, what if you don’t work in a serviced building? There aren’t many un-serviced office blocks these days, simply because it would be pretty impossible to maintain otherwise. Also, what if the serviced building you work in, isn’t really serviced all that well? What is on a regular basis the toilets didn’t flush, the lights flickered, the carpet was threadbare? What if every time you rang the front desk you got a vague answer, or no answer at all? Your working days would eventually start to become inconvenienced. You could even find that you couldn’t do your job to the best of your ability because you didn’t have all the necessary tools or the right environment wo be productive in. It can be really frustrating and when your company pays rent to that building owner, you start to really begrudge paying. Then you become miserable because you wish you could just come into work and get on with things instead of arguing with the landlord or caretakers over things. You know if you refuse to pay that opens up a whole other can of worms so you carry on paying. After all, a business can’t run if it has no premises to run out of.

It can get dangerous too. If amenities like staff kitchens aren’t looked after and the appliances replaced if faulty for example, then there’s an accident waiting to happen right there. Don’t get us started on the lifts of a building. It is crucial that lifts are maintained in any building, not just offices, passenger lifts especially. Lift maintenance needs to be regular and thorough, and we really can’t stress that enough. Of course, if there is a problem with the lift, then as long as your building supervisor is dealing with it then fine, but if the lift is constantly out of service and nobody seems to be fixing it you must be on the ball and put in a complaint, as it is dangerous to leave these things unattended. We have man a lift engineer who has heard horror stories about buildings and the lifts in them, but we always strive to do our utmost best to make sure you receive the best service possible. No horror stories here!