Is it wrong that we have two theme tunes stuck in our head right now? We have the Ghostbusters for “who you going call” and the Gladiators theme tune for “Elevators”. Oh well, never mind! Either way, the moral of this blog and our two theme tunes is to let you know that Elevators Ltd are on hand to help you out. Our emergency callout service means that you will never be alone and our emergency lift engineers will be out to you in a jiffy.


We always have at least one emergency lift engineer on standby and they’ll be on call after normal working hours. Being stuck in a lift during daylight hours isn’t great anyway, but at night, the pressure often mounts up. You don’t have to worry about having no signal on your phone or your battery running out, there is an emergency lift button in the elevator for you to press. You will be connected directly to us and we’ll get you out in no time.

The Elevators Ltd team take great pride in the services that we offer you, whether it’s for lift maintenance or lift installation, or even just on a customer service basis, you will guarantee to receive the best possible service at no extra cost.

Get in contact with us today for more information about our emergency lift engineers, or any of our other services today.