It’s that time of year again where the clocks have gone back an hour, the days and nights are getting shorter, the temperature outside is dropping and Halloween is creeping on us. I can already feel a stinking cold approaching. Now, as the cold weather is slowly but surely making its way in, things will begin to run a little slower than normal, including ourselves. We’ve been told to keep the heating on during the winter months so the pipes don’t freeze up and burst, but how many of you do that? Well, it’s also important to ensure that you have lift maintenance checks during these months too.

Fortunately, Elevators Ltd provide regular and thorough lift maintenance in Reigate checks throughout the year to prevent any future hiccups from occurring, and to ensure that the lift in your building is safe to use.

The safety of the passengers is our priority, which is one of the reasons why we advertise our lift emergency lift callout service to both our customers and non-customers. You can guarantee an immediate response and super-fast call out. You can find more information about our emergency lift callout services over on our website or contact us today.

You don’t have to worry about forking out for a new lift installation if your lift is going through a few teething problems, as Elevators Ltd will always find a solution to the problem and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. A lift installation answer will be the last resort, but our team will discuss the matter with you first and in more detail.

So whether you require the services of a professional and reliable lift maintenance in Reigate company, or for any of our other services including lift installation, just give Elevators Ltd a call today.