The most famous type of glass elevator that is known to the majority of the public is the Great Glass Elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, however the team here at Elevators Ltd are actually talking about the real life glass elevators that are on the market to buy. Contrary to belief, a glass elevator isn’t actually made from glass even though they may appear to look like a fragile see though tube! They are, in fact, made from a whole range of materials and in this blog, we’re going to go over some of the key aspects…

Hoist Cylinder

Being the largest aspect of a glass elevator, the hoist cylinder is the actual shaft that a passenger car will travel within, meaning that it acts as the spine of the whole system. Made from a clear polycarbonate, it is over 250 more times durable than glass.

Passenger Car

Being formed from materials like steel, aluminium and polycarbonate, the passenger car of a glass elevator is fitted with an airtight roof joint in order to make sure that the passengers air pressure is at normal levels.

Suction Assembly

To ensure that the pneumatic elevator operates accordingly, a vacuum is created inside the hoist cylinder. In order to do this, a piece known as the suction assembly is found in various places. From the car itself to the roof of the hoist cylinder, the suction assembly is made from either fiberglass or steel.

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