This is a story that we all dread and is something that we unfortunately appear to be hearing more and more of, and more needs to be done to prevent such incidents from happening. No one is fully to blame for incidents such as these, unless the lift maintenance company fail to put warning signs up if there is an open lift shaft etc…but all safety regulations must be met and ticked off for both the property owner and the lift company. Fortunately, this is a story that has a relatively happy ending.

A 12-year-old plunged 35 feet from the lobby of a building into a freight elevator pit in the SoHo neighbourhood of Manhattan on 21st March 2014. Firefighters came to the rescue almost immediately and with help from the medical technicians, they successfully managed to open the doors in the sub-basement and pull her up in a basket. She received multiple injuries and is in a serious condition in hospital, but it could have been fatal. The elevator in question was out of service during the incident and others were warned not to use this lift via an intercom in case the girl was crushed.

Recherche Realty Inc. was the property company responsible and fined $250. They failed to keep the building up to code according to the Buildings Department records. They have now corrected the problem and paid the fine.

It is difficult for all parties involved in situations like this, but one that we take very seriously. There will still be a few questions that will need answering here, but one that we’re sure the lift maintenance company and Recherche Realty Inc. will get to the bottom off.