It’s not every day that you’ll step into a lift and choose ‘space’ when it comes to selecting which floor you would like to go to. But, according to the Japanese company The Obayashi Corporation, we, yes we could be travelling in a lift to space in 38 years’ time. It’ll only take around 7 and a half days, and it is said that it will be travelling at a speed of 200km per hour. It all seems a bit ‘up in the air’ to us (no pun intended}. It gets better; you could also hop in a lift to planets including Mars. Well, it looks like we’ll be meeting and greeting our Martian friends before we know it!

Now, we’re trying to get our heads around this one because, there will be at some point, some form of lift maintenance and servicing that will need to be carried out. The team at Elevators Ltd have been trying to figure this one out. If it’s predicted to take 7 hours and half days to get from the ground floor earth to space, then how on earth are lift engineers going to complete a successful lift maintenance job? We don’t even want to imagine what would happen if the lift ever broke down! We suppose there would be special Astronaut, NASA type lift engineers on the case, but you never know; it could be the team from Elevators Ltd to the rescue!

If you require some lift maintenance or any other lift service including installation, no matter how tall, or small the lift is, just give the guys at Elevators Ltd a call on 020 3432 9579 today.

If you’re thinking of travelling to space in an elevator, then let us know how you get on 😉