It’s Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day to most and the team over at Elevators Ltd couldn’t be more excited about flipping pancakes and eating our body weight in them later! Today is definitely the day not to get caught in a lift, especially when there are pancakes ready to be cooked and eaten! So, if you’re a little concerned about the lift in your building playing up today, then call Elevators Ltd today and we’ll send our engineers down to check if any lift maintenance is required.

We know that comparing lifts with pancakes isn’t the same thing, but it can be so easy to get the batter wrong and the cooking process; it’s the same with lifts. Unless you’re a professional lift engineer, it can be easy to get the simplest thing wrong which can cause all sorts of problems for the lift and resulting in additional lift repair and maintenance, when it isn’t necessary. Although Elevators Ltd encourage all of our customers to have regular lift maintenance, our engineers are highly qualified and experienced in what they do that simple mistakes won’t be made, and passengers will be in safe hands.

We will ensure that are engineers are fed with plenty of pancakes today to keep their energy levels up and they will never say no to one if you offer them one too! Our emergency call out lift engineers will also be kept on a high supply of pancakes; in fact the entire team will! It’s a national pancake day so why not?

Obviously, our guys won’t be stuffing their faces with pancakes whilst carrying out any lift maintenance or lift repair work, or any of our serves for that matter! Enjoy your pancakes!