The Finnish elevator company KONE celebrates its 100 years anniversary in the world this year. In Southeast Asia, KONE has been active for over 30 years. A big anniversary happens very rarely and for that reason it is a good time to tell your history and celebrate says Arttu Salmenhaara, Managing Director for KONE in Southeast Asia.

KONE started their history 100 years ago as a small Finnish company which then merged into a Scandinavian company, then going to expand into the European and North American markets. And for the last 30 years established in Asia.

One third of all KONE’s new equipment sales are from the Asian markets. And the future for KONE looks bright according to Arttu Salmenhaara. According to him some of the mega-trends in society are favourable for KONE. Especially trends like urbanisation and population ageing demand for more elevators and escalators:

“Big cities mean bigger and taller houses, and population ageing makes a need for easy transportation. And that means there is a long term demand for our products,” he says adding that another factor is the rising awareness of safety in Asia, and a lot of older elevators in the region need repair or replacement.