Elevators are a very well-known concept that are used in the vast majority of developed countries around the world. Their complex design has developed over the years from rope pulleys to the highly technological pieces of machinery we know today. Some of the most extraordinary tourist attractions around the world are even elevators! In literary and movie works, elevators have taken on a truly magical spin and in this blog, we’re going to talk about two of them…

The Harry Potter Elevator

In the fifth instalment of the worldwide famous Harry Potter book and film series, we see Harry enter an elevator on his way to a court hearing for the use of underage magic outside of his school, Hogwarts. The lift itself appears to be rather old fashioned  and is decorated with golden ropes hanging from the ceiling for passengers to steady themselves with. This magical adaption of a lift is able to move sideways and backwards, stopping violently and suddenly.

The Wonkavator

More commonly known as The Great Glass Elevator, this famous glass masterpiece is known for its appearance in the Roald Dahl novel and 1971 movie adaption, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The completely see-through elevator may not “wow” Grandpa Joe however it sure catches Charlie’s eye! With what appears to be hundreds of different buttons, Willy Wonka tells us that ‘an elevator can only go up and down, but the Wonkavator can go sideways and slantways and longways and backways’.

Our elevators may not be as magnificent or as magical as those portrayed on the big screen but they’ll definitely get you between the floors of a building without a problem! Get in contact with the best lift company around to find out more about the services we offer today!