Lifts have played some of the most iconic scenes in some of the biggest box office films.  You probably don’t notice them in films, but we do and we’re sure that after reading you’ll be like “oh yeah”! Happens every time!

Here is a list of our films with what we think has the most famous lift scenes.

  • Final Destination 2:

We probably don’t have to talk too much about this one; but to sum it up; it involves a man carrying a box of hooks. Nora (who meets death) receives a phone call warning her to avoid a man with hooks…she then panics and her head gets trapped between the lift doors…and you can probably guess the rest of what happened.

  • The Hangover Part 2:

There’s not much to say about this film, as again if you’re a fan of the film, or seen the trailer you’ll be fully aware of the singing scene!


  • Inception:

Without giving the story away, one of the main characters Joseph Gordon Levitt’s gathers all of his allies together to escape the dream, blowing the elevator backwards against the laws of physics. The characters were weaved in and out of the lift shaft. Cracking film!

  • Toy Story 2:

For all of you who haven’t seen this Disney Pixar film, Buzz Lightyear meets Evil Emperor Zurg. Buzz later finds out that his arch enemy Zurg is in fact his father. We were gob smacked!

  • Liar Liar:

Now, we couldn’t not mention the famous, yet cringe worthy scene from the Jim Carey film, Liar Liar. Fletcher (played by Jim Carey), shares a lift with a quite a busty lady and with the whole “no lying wish” put upon him, he can’t help but make some cringey comments. He begins the conversation like a normal person would and she tells him how helpful people have been since she’s moved in; to which Fletcher comes back with “that’s because you’ve got really big jugs”, “I mean your boobs are hug”; “I wanna squeeze them”. Ouch! A slap in the face for that one!

Now, we bet the next film you watch, you’ll notice a lift in it!

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