Although we are now so technologically advanced that we can literally have an elevator in our own house, that doesn’t mean that some of the elevators in the world are considered the most expensive mode of transport between the floors of a building. Whether it’s due to aesthetics or location, some of the world’s elevators have millions attached to their price tag. Here at Elevators Ltd, we’re going to go over the top two…

  1. The Bailong Lift, China, £12.4 million

As a world record holder, this lift stands at 1,070 feet tall and can take 50 people from the top to the bottom in just under 2 minutes! With world records such as the tallest outdoor elevator and the fastest sightseeing lift worldwide, it’s no surprise that this elevator is number one on our list of the most expensive.

  1. The AquaDom Lift, Germany, £11.4 million

If you’ve ever wondered whether an elevator and a live fish aquarium would go well together, I’m afraid we’re going to have to stop your imagination there as the Germans have beaten you to it. The AquaDom is an 82 foot cylindrical aquarium which is inhabited by a transparent lift in the centre. Filled with over 1,500 fish from 50 different species, this elevator holds the world record for largest free standing aquarium and it’s hard to imagine it didn’t cost more to construct.

Although our elevators don’t come with such a hefty price tag, we like to think we’re the experts when it comes to all things lift related. If you’ve got an enquiry about an elevator, get in contact with the best lift engineer around – we’d be happy to help!