Epoxy Cabins

Epoxy cabins can be identified by the powder coating utilised during the manufacturing process of coating metal surfacing with special epoxy or polyester resins, forming a highly protective layer against corrosion which can also serve as a highly decorative finish for elevators of all shapes and sizes.

A major benefit of epoxy cabins is their excellent durability, as the powder coating when finished and finalised provides extremely high resistance to all external conditions and allows your lift car to keep looking pristine for a long time to come.

Elevators can be a real stand out feature in any building, and epoxy cabins present the perfect opportunity for the kind of customisation and bespoke graphics that we here at Elevators Ltd offer on all new lifts. Through digital printing and an unlimited variety of colours, the interior of the cabin can be customised and personalised according to the desired image and style, and the result is always stunning and certain to grab all the right kinds of attention.

We give all of our customers and clients the option of having any bespoke logo or image printed onto the interior car wall of a given lift installation, further adding to our ability to customise the aesthetics of your lift exactly to your liking.

There’s no reason your new lift shouldn’t look as great as it performs, after all, and what better way to personalise an elevator than to add your very own image featured front and centre on the car wall?

This service is not applicable to refurbishments.