It is said that taking the stairs is a healthy alternative to the elevator however the people who make these statements often ignore the places around the world where taking the stairs involves over 50 floors worth of climbing! Here at Elevators Ltd, we are a firm believer that taking the elevator makes your life easier and in this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most interesting elevator vs stairs scenarios around the world…

Shanghai Tower, China

This famous tower stands at a staggering 1,842 metre high as per its top floor and experts have determined that it includes a mind blowing 3,157 steps. Its elevator is a Mitsubishi model and travels at 59 feet per second which means that it takes just 31.18 seconds to travel by elevator compared to a 52 minute walk using the stairs!

The Empire State Building, NYC

As one of the main draws for tourism, the Empire State Building has been a famous New York landmark for years. At 1,224 metres high from its observatory deck, it’s Otis model elevator takes just 52 seconds to transport you to the top floor whereas climbing its 1,860 stairs will set you back 31 minutes!

As we have established, taking the elevator is much more practical in certain situations however sometimes we may just want to make our lives easier! Whether you’ve got a disability or you just simply prefer to ride in an elevator, get in contact with the best lift company today to find out more information!