You may (or may not) have remembered in our last blog that we mentioned a few memorable elevator moments in films, well, we’re here to give you ‘Elevators making it to the big screen part 2’. So, our first batch of classic film moments included Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, The Shining – the one elevator that we would pass on doing any lift maintenance for, and Elf. So, let’s start with the mind boggling film Inception.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Inception was a must watch film and one that left you thinking of possible theories to the ending, as well as praying he got an Oscar for his role in this dream based film. Anyway, the elevators in the film had more meaning to them than just getting from one floor to another. They were symbolic to the different levels of dreaming and Leonardo takes the elevator to a collection of past memories that have been haunting him for a while. I wonder what would happen if we were work on the lift maintenance for a dream related lift?

Now, You’ve Got Mail provided us with a life changing moment when Tom Hanks, his high maintenance girlfriend, the porter and another passenger all got stuck in the elevator. A few things hit home and they came to realise what is most important to them, well almost everyone anyway. One passenger said she would get in touch with her mum, the porter said he is going marry his partner because he loves her (how romantic), Ms High Maintenance said she is going to get her eyes lasered, and Tom, well he didn’t get a chance to speak up, but he did break it up with his girlfriend after.

And as for lift maintenance, well we’ll ensure that no matter what the circumstance is, our lift engineers will always ensure that you receive a high quality service.